Help Snail Bob get to his Grandfather's Birthday Party !
Snail Bob’s grandfather is having a huge celebration for his birthday. The only problem is that Snail Bob needs to get through a dangerous forest to reach it. Snail Bob 2 is a fun puzzle game where the sole purpose of the game is to help Snail Bob reach his destination. A complicated and dangerous forest stands in the way of Snail Bob and his destination. His Grandfather is having a birthday party and Snail Bob wants to get there in time. Throughout each level are various tools which will help him reach his grandfathers birthday party. In this game you have to help Snail Bob travel from one log to another. Watch out for the various tools along the way, you may need to pull levers and move platforms so that Snail Bob can get through each level. You can stop the snail by clicking on him where he will go into hibernation in his protective shell. You can increase his speed by clicking on the x2 button at the top left of the screen or by using the 1 and 2 keys on your keyboard. Try get through each level as fast as possible so that you can reach a higher score. Throughout the game you can redo levels to try increase your score and get better at the game. There are 25 levels to complete in this Snail Bob game so get a move and don’t miss the party at the end.