Help Snail Bob get Passed the Construction Site to his new Home!
Snail Bob is waiting for you to help him get through the horrendous construction site so that he can reach his new home. Use tools to guide him through each level of his journey. You can click bob to stop him on his way. Sometimes you may need to stop him on a specific spot, so watch out for the areas that Snail Bob may need to pause so you can use the tool effectively. Control Bob’s speed using the buttons featured at the top. Click them to go faster, you can also press 1 and 2 on your keyboard and it will make him go faster too. There are many tools that can be used to help bob reach the exit, look out for the rotate tool to move objects so that snail bob can get to his destination.

In the Snail Bob game you need to think quickly and use all your resources so that SnailBob does not find himself falling off the unbeaten track. Use your avoiding skills to avoid objects and barriers along your way. Another useful skill is physics, being able to use your brain to understand the physics of the game will help you to get further in the game.

Snail Bob is a fun and addicting game that people all over the world are enjoying to figure out. Snail Bob needs your help so be sharp and quick so that he can find his new abode and live happily and safely. Enjoy playing this creative flash game with its ultimate use of graphics and sounds. Join the Snail Bob community and feel the gaming thrill of physics based games!